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RAVELCO is the ideal anti-theft solution for cars and heavy machinery. Even a GPS tracking system can be easily circumvented with current technology.

The truth is that heavy machinery and equipment companies can not understand why their GPS tracking system for which they paid a lot of money can not do their job and locate their equipment stolen and is that today, everything a thief you have to do is plug in a GPS Scrambler and there will be no crawl. Not even a cell phone will work within 50 feet of the scrambler.

GPS Scrambler
Sistema de seguridad Ravelco para maquinaria pesada

Never had a single piece of heavy equipment that was equipped with a RAVELCO anti-theft device stolen!

RAVELCO is simple to use. All they have to do is remove the RAVELCO plug from the RAVELCO unit (which is mounted on the dash) and that vehicle becomes an impossible obstacle even for the most persistent thief.

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    Ravelco offers an unbeatable combination of rugged construction, safe technology and ease of use for any type of vehicle.


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