How it works?

The RAVELCO base unit is installed below or on the dashboard. The wires at the rear of the unit are connected to several electrical components that your engine needs to operate (ignition, starter, fuel injection system, fuel pump, engine sensors, etc.). We give the owner the ability to prevent the flow of electricity to those systems by removing the plug from the RAVELCO base unit.

How effective is RAVELCO?

Underneath the dashboard, the cables behind the RAVELCO anti-theft device are steel protected, so thieves can’t access them. Even if they did, all the cables are black and it becomes a guessing game even for the most persistent and experienced thief. The number one enemy of a thief is time, and the RAVELCO anti-theft device stops them right on their way, before they can take their car or truck.

Impossible to bypass

Ravelco is unique and 100% effective

Ravelco dispositivo antirrobo de vehiculos en México

There are no master devices for RAVELCO. You can be sure that only your plug will work in your car. With over 100,000 possible combinations for the RAVELCO Anti-theft System, the specific physical combination of your vehicle’s peg can not be guessed.

The RAVELCO is 100% effective and 100% reliable. It is not enough for an anti-theft system to only be 100% effective in preventing them from modifying the wiring of your vehicle. You also need the peace of mind that every time you insert the RAVELCO plug, the vehicle will surely turn on, making sure that the technology designed to prevent theft does not inadvertently prevent the operation of your vehicle. The RAVELCO anti-theft device is manufactured in the United States with the highest quality metals. The female plugs are made from a memory alloy that always maintains its shape. RAVELCO’s anti-theft devices that were installed 20 years ago work in the same way.

The RAVELCO anti-theft device has been installed in more than 4 million vehicles and has not yet been defeated. The RAVELCO offers an unbeatable combination of rugged construction, safe technology and ease of use for any type of vehicle. We can install the RAVELCO in almost anything with an engine; be it a car, truck, trailer or boat.

Sounds interesting?

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The anti-theft device RAVELCO is superior to all other alarms and anti-theft devices, the reason for this is that RAVELCO is very simple to use, there are no codes to remember and there are no secret buttons to press.

Only what you have to do to activate the RAVELCO system is to “remove the plug” and put it on your key chain. It’s almost like taking part of your engine with you.

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    Ravelco offers an unbeatable combination of rugged construction, safe technology and ease of use for any type of vehicle.


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