Theft Prevention – Not a Deterrent

No vehicle should ever be stolen…. period.

Over 5 million sold over 43 years

No vehicle ever stolen!

See how Ravelco prevents vehicle theft

Ravelco – Peace of mind… Anywhere… All the time

Ravelco stops car thieves cold

Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

Engineered for superior anti-theft protection, yet easy to use by just removing the key chain sized plug, and the engine can’t start and won’t run. Insert the plug, and your vehicle operates normally and won’t interfere with vehicle systems.

ravelco dispositivo antirrobo dodge challenger srt

Target-Hardened installation

The Ravelco is installed to work against the way thieves steal vehicles by hiding wires in hard to access non-obvious locations. Under the dash, our wires are encased in hardened steel for maximum protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    How big is the Ravelco Plug?

    The plug is 1.25 inches in diameter slightly larger than a quarter.

  2. 2
    Do you come to my location?

    Yes! Our expert installer comes to the location of your vehicle.

  3. 3
    How much does the Ravelco cost?

    The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device starts at $499.95 for most cars and trucks. Commercial vehicles start at $599.95. We do offer AAA and Military Personnel discounts.


No alarm is more effective than RAVELCO

  • RAVELCO interrupts the flow of energy
  • There is no way to bypass it.
  • No thief can decipher the way it is installed.
  • There is no master key.
  • No GPS tracker to beat
  • No alarm for thieves to unplug

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Ravelco – Peace of mind… Anywhere… All the time

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