With the ever-increasing valuation of big rig trucks, it is expected that theft will continue to increase as well.

Big rigs are targeted both for the resale value of the vehicles and for the valuable cargo contained in those vehicles. In fact, only 10% of stolen tractor trailer rigs are ever recovered, and owners, operators and insurers face rising costs and challenges attempting to protect their vehicles. Your satellite dispatch and tracking systems help you keep track of where your vehicles are located, but only the Ravelco can prevent a thief from taking the vehicle in the first place.

For less than the cost of filling up the fuel tanks, you can protect the truck with the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. One option for our Class A truck installation allows the trucks to idle with the protection engaged and immobilizes the trucks completely when they are not in use. Drivers simply remove the Ravelco plug when they step away from the vehicle, and the rig is completely immobilized. When they return, the truck starts instantly and effectively, every single time.

While there are other anti-theft solutions for Class A trucks on the market, none is as effective, affordable or reliable as the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. Call us today for a free estimate – we can install the Ravelco for you or train your mechanics to perform the installation on your fleet.

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