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Stop worrying


Ravelco prevents 100% of car hotwiring attempts.

The anti-theft device RAVELCO is superior to all other alarms and anti-theft devices,

no codes to remember and no secret buttons to press.

Ravelco is unique and 100% effective

The RAVELCO anti-theft device is manufactured in the United States with the highest quality metals. Underneath the dashboard, the cables behind the RAVELCO anti-theft device are steel protected, so thieves can’t access them.

Ravelco dispositivo antirrobo de vehiculos en México

Protect your most valuable asset.

  • Don’t waste money on alarm systems.
  • Kill switches can be hotwired.
  • Proximity keys and similar technologies are able to be bypassed.

All installations are performed different in all vehicles.

An excellent product

RAVELCO is what saved our truck. Thank you for such a great product. The officer said the thieves must have used a scanner to unlock our truck because there were no visible marks on the door. I wonder why the automakers do not make your RAVELCO standard equipment in all their vehicles.

Paulette B
Riverside, Texas


Thank you very much for your system. A police officer who lives next to me at the Woodlands recommended his system, and he was right! Thanks again and I will be your best seller now!

Herman P.
The Woodlands, Texas

Thank God Ravelco saved it.

The other day someone tried to steal my truck, they broke the handle and stole my radar detector and a broken cell phone, but they did not take my truck – Thanks to RAVELCO. Thank you very much for a great system.

Paula E.
Arcola, Texas

All you have to do is:

- Make an order. Fill our Request Form

- Schedule the Installation

- Live hotwire free

Congratulations, now you are part of the millions of people living hotwiring free.

ravelco sistema antirrobo de vehiculos


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    Ravelco prevents 100% of car hotwiring attempts.

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      Ravelco offers an unbeatable combination of rugged construction, safe technology and ease of use for any type of vehicle.


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